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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand how Social Broker works
Which social media platforms do you create content for?
Our speciality is Instagram-ready social media posts and captions. We're glad we've focused on this platform given its rate of growth (up by 1.3m users in the last 12-months alone). Our rationale is that of all the social media channels, Instagram is the one with the best audience-building potential. This means your content will be seen by an even wider audience. We also produce content for Facebook, LinkedIn, and your website. All content can also be reposted to Twitter and Google My Business.
Why isn't all the social content finance or law-related?
Have you ever been to a dinner party where the most fascinating, likeable and relatable person there was the one who talked about their job non-stop? Nope, didn’t think so. It’s important not to treat your social media accounts as your own private billboard. We bring the social element back to social media, which means showcasing your expertise, values and personality via other topics that your target audience will find interesting. We produce content on lifestyle topics ranging from real estate to interior design to entrepreneurism. Once you’ve subscribed to a Social Broker social media package, you’ll be able to select which topics you want us to cover.
What happens if I'm not happy with the content?
For us, the work isn’t complete until you tell us you love it. The process we undertake is geared towards creating content that you’ll be delighted with. We make an effort to understand your business, brand, and value proposition – ensuring that what we produce is a reflection of who you are. This involves a branding exercise to define your brand persona, messaging and themes.
Will another business have the same social content as me?
No. We now have over 100 themes, which we customise to your brand – or we can create something from scratch. By the time you’ve undertaken our branding exercise, and we’ve spent time getting to know you and your business, your Social Broker content is unique and distinctive. You’ll be assigned your own content calendar – for both social media and your blog content – so we’ll never have 100s of businesses posting the similar content at the same time.
Will I be locked into a contract?
The only agreed-term product is our website packages - this is simply because the cost of building the site is spread across the 18-month contract. We don't try to lock you in to our other offerings - we'd rather continue to earn your business month after month.

Frequently asked questions

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