101 Content Ideasfor mortgage brokers

Here are 101 content prompts to help mortgage brokers create content for social media.

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Compliant, engaging, consumer-centric prompts

Content marketing is all about adding value. Here are 101 content ideas for your next social media post or blog article.
Share a client gift
Post a photo of a client 'thank you'
Questions to ask before refinancing
Considering all the variables
Discuss rentvesting
Where lifestyle dreams meet fiscal reality
Define 'chattel mortgage'
Fancy French dessert, or finance solution?
Instant asset write-off
A reminder for small business owners
How many hours you save your clients
Latest research suggests 40+ hours
New APRA regulations
Explain the impact the 3% buffer will have
Benefits of a home loan health check
Invite people to get in touch for theirs
Australian housing market update
Currently worth $9 trillion and counting
Borrowing tips for self-employed
Out-of-the-box lending solutions
Reasons the bank might say ‘no’
How to avoid common application pitfalls
How banks calculate borrowing power
With the CTA being to get in touch
Define Capital Gains Tax
And mention what it applies to
Clearing credit defaults
Before applying for a home loan
Freeing up equity to renovate
List the various options available
Reminder to cancel subscriptions
Unused subscriptions, that is
Why it’s not all about the interest rate
List the other features to consider
Ethical lending
Define what constitutes an ethical lender
Property of the week in your area
Partner with your favourite RE agent
When to start the home loan process
A reminder that it's a process
Home loan repricing
A better deal doesn't always = switching
Celebrate your business anniversary
Time to thank your clients and partners
Inspirational money mindset quote
A little bit of motivation never hurts
Shout out to your favourite local cafe
Support your local caffeine dealer
What the banks think of Afterpay
Pointing out that it's another credit facility
Define equity and ways to use it
Ways to leverage equity
Ways to boost savings
Easy methods to save money
Impact of extra repayments
Direct people to your calculators
Explain LMI waivers
List the most common reasons
Define Lenders Mortgage Insurance
Pointing out it protects the bank
Promote a referral partner
Shout out to a respected professional
Share a Google review
Automate it via socialreview.io
Good debt vs bad debt
Because not all debt is created equal
Tips to maintain a healthy credit score
The basics of managing bills + payments
Not all pre-approvals are created equal
A reminder to contact you before auction
Introduce your team members
Meeting the people behind the brand
Benefits of pre-approval
All about knowing where you stand
First Home Buyer grants available
Help available to buy a first home
Stamp duty reform
The latest on stamp duty in your state
Ways to support small business
Free ways to support local
Caution on cash backs
They aren't necessarily the best deals
Client success story
Show proof of the results your achieve
How to avoid lifestyle inflation
Not wasting income increases
Why the loan structure is so important
The right structure to support the strategy
Pros and cons of using a guarantor
Who might use a guarantor
ATO tax time red flags
The claims they'll scrutinise
Offset versus redraw
Pros and cons of each option
The importance of choice
And that you have 40+ lenders
Using a conveyancer
The need to set aside for these fees
Using a buyer’s advocate
How these professionals can help
How brokers get paid
Transparency builds trust
Implications of BID
The perfect time to showcase your UVP
Deposit bonds
How they can help home buyers
Buying off-market
Explain why this trend is on the rise
Why a home loan isn't a life sentence
Tips on paying down a loan faster
How long it takes to get approved
Setting expectations that it's rarely instant
Impact of a low cash rate
More useful than the standard RBA update
Family Home Loan Guarantee
Support available for solo parents
Broker vs bank
Why 60% of mortgages are via a broker
Interest-only loans
Which scenarios they sometimes suit
The lowdown on genuine savings
And why often a rent ledger will suffice
Building a new home
List the key stages of construction loans
Online borrowing calculators
Why they're not perfectly accurate
Importance of knowing your rate
Given 3 in 4 people don't theirs
Explain your client care program
Service doesn't stop after settlement
Pitfalls of a home loan holiday
A reminder that interest never sleeps
Giving adult children a leg up
Ways to help your kids into the market
Show off your award nominations
Enter those awards, if only for the medals
Car loan tips
How to avoid a loan lemon
Explain the comparison rate
Comparing apple with apples
Entrepreneurial insights
"A big business starts small" - R Branson
Office behind-the-scenes
Snapshots of your work life
Australian property market update
Currently worth a whopping $9T
Benefits of house plants
More than just the latest interior craze
Example of a fast turnaround time
Share a story about a speedy approval
Government grants
Reminder to search for what's available
A rundown of your seamless process
Leveraging the latest in tech and insights
Easy cash flow solutions
To mitigate impact of late-payers
Loyalty tax
Is the bank showing the love?
The power of a (home loan) plan
"A goal without a plan is just a wish"
How HECS-debt is treated
When it comes to getting a home loan
Your success rate
Loan applications that get approved
Asset finance tips
Driving business forward
Importance of a business plan
Because it takes more than a bright idea
Stats on investing via SMSF
And why DIY probably isn't the best idea
Budgeting isn't as dull as it sounds
All about telling your money where to go
Creating the right impression
How to present as the ideal applicant
Dream kitchen makeover
Everyone loves a before and after
What to be aware of with off-the-plan
New and shiny, but buyer beware
It takes a village to buy property
How you work with other professionals
Highlight your negotiating skills
Playing hardball with the banks
Link to one of your calculators
Send people to your website
Celebrate a team member's result
Reward and recognition never go astray!
Explain caveat emptor
And the professionals who help
Time to upgrade to a forever home
Making your home your castle
Explain your sweet spot
Let people know about your niche
Finance for medicos
Why lenders view them favourably
Let's talk about debt, baby
It's not a dirty word
3 biggest mistakes of FHB
Helping people avoid the pitfalls
Investing in commercial property
Directly or via an SMSF or business
Competition time
To win a voucher to dine at a local fave
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