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post content ideas for mortgage and finance brokers - social media

10 social media post ideas for finance brokers - with examples

We've brainstormed ideas for what to post on social media, so you don't have to!

Here are 15 content ideas for what to post on social media. The idea is to keep your feed varied and relevant to your audience. Make it less about you, and less about them.

1. Industry news

There are now 30 lenders offering cash backs...

2. Answer FAQs

What's the difference between an offset and redraw facility?

3. Explain your services

Ever wondered how much it costs to use a broker?

4. Share a review

Our client Mia was finding it hard to get help from her bank...

5. Introduce your team

Meet Michael, our fabulous parabroker. What's a parabroker, you ask?

6. Thank your customers

We've just celebrated 100 loans settled this quarter. This represents 100 clients who've trusted us to make their dreams a reality. Thank you...

7. Promote a referrer

Shout out to @trustedpartner - every time we send one of our clients their way we receive exceptional feedback on their services...

8. Witty quote

"There's more to life than losing weight and paying bills" - time to get off the treadmill, both literally and figuratively, and set yourself up to actually enjoy life.

9. Define jargon


10. Budgeting tips

Do you have a favourite budgeting app?

Here are our picks for where to find good (non-cringeworthy) stock photography.

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