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Why a website that converts is more relevant than ever

In a world where everyone's talking about personal branding, leads are generated on social media, and content needs to be shared across multiple platforms, you'd be forgiven for neglecting your business website. 

And you're in good company, with the vast majority of brokers relying on their aggregator to produce a cookie-cutter website that does little to attract or win new business.

Here are three reasons why it's crucial to invest in a high-quality website that converts.

To meet customer expectations

When customers do their due diligence on you - as they invariably will - they expect to see a high-quality website.

Don't disappoint them.

A good website will communicate your credibility in an instant, showcasing your expertise and social proof.

Looks matter, and a slick website shows the world you know what you're doing. In fact it takes just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of a website, and by extension: a business.

To be found by people when they search Google

Make it easy for your future customers to find you when they Google 'mortgage broker in [suburb]'.

A website (provided it's been setup with local SEO in mind) should improve your visibility to new audiences. 

For tips on how to improve your search rankings, check out our three quick and easy methods you can do yourself.

To keep ownership of all content and audience lists

We are big fans of social media for its potential to help brokers (and us!) attract, win and retain more business.

HOWEVER...the aim should be to add your followers to your CRM so you can keep in touch outside the social media platform.

Your website is where you can convert followers to prospects with the help of lead magnets and mailing list signup forms.

Did you know: We produce high-converting, SEO-friendly, responsive websites that are tailored to finance and legal customers - and that breathe life into your brand and help you win more business. Find out more here.

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