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How brokers can build trust on social media

Social media marketing is a bit of a misnomer. It's actually less about promotion and more about connection. We all know about the trust deficit in financial services, and in fact consumers are increasingly cynical to marketing activity across every industry.

We've mapped out five ways to build trust on social media and build your personal brand - which is really just another way of saying 'help people get to know YOU'.

1. Be real

Communicate in an authentic, human way. Your customers are loyal to you (not head office). Show them who you are and provide a sense of what it'd be like working with you. Develop a distinct and engaging voice and stick to it.

2. Be social

Have you ever been to a BBQ and complimented the host on their salad-making prowess only to be met with radio silence? Of course not. Don't forget Manners 101. This means responding to comments and interacting with other accounts.

3. Be generous

Sharing insights without asking for anything builds trust, exemplifies your service-oriented approach and of course shows off your technical expertise. People will very quickly switch off if they see you're continually asking for something.

4. Be consistent

Consistency in your messaging, tone of voice and aesthetic builds a strong brand, which conveys stability and dependability. Don't let this stop you from refining content and allowing for variation between social media channels.

5. Be part of something

No one wants to be accused of virtue signalling, however we all have a role to play in leaving the world a better place. By raising awareness of the causes that matter to you and your community, you can help drive volunteering and donations.

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The market is more competitive than ever, and what got you here, won't get you where you dream to go. Being inactive on socials is no longer an option.
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