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Social Broker tech award 2021

Social Broker wins Startup of the Year in the 2021 Digital Technology Awards

We're proud to announce we've been recognised as Australia's leading startup in the mortgage industry in Momentum Media's Digital Technology Awards.

The award is a lovely pat on the back for us, especially given we only launched in 2020.

The Australian Digital Technology Awards were judged by a panel of respected industry professionals and business leaders, who considered the results of a brand performance survey (conducted between December 2020 and February 2021 to measure the usage, awareness, consideration, customer impact score and net promoter score for each company) and written submissions, which are combined to provide a “performance score”. 

Momentum Media

Social Broker was ranked 6th in the Top 10 technology providers:

  1. Loan Market Group
  2. BrokerEngine
  3. Salestrekker
  4. Mortgage Choice
  5. FileInvite
  6. Social Broker
  7. ActivePipe
  8. MSA National
  9. Brokerpad
  10. HashChing

The submission to the judges outlined the key reasons Social Broker's social media content subscriptions are unrivalled:

  • Completely 'done-for-you'
  • Customised to your brand
  • Fully compliant and researched
  • 1/5 of what a traditional agency charges

We're looking forward to continuing to innovate our products and keep on delivering effective content marketing solutions to Australia's finance professionals.

We'd like to thank our valued clients, industry partners and our team. You're all instrumental to our growth, and ability to do what we do best: help educate more consumers on why it's worth engaging with a finance professional.

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