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content ideas for finance and mortgage brokers

5 x social media content ideas for finance brokers

Instagram is the perfect platform for you to connect with a wider audience, but it can be tough figuring out what kind of content to post next. And there’s definitely an imperative to post regularly – because the last thing you want people to see when they click on your profile is crickets!

It's tempting to focus on quantity over quality content for your social media channels. We get it, how else are you expected to get people to notice you?

Now's the time to build your brand and connect with your target audience. This calls for content that's authentically YOU. It's not the time to spam the ether with sales pitches, ads that say 'Call me!' or generic, off-the-shelf updates that do nothing to connect on an emotional level.

To make sure you’re not just posting one sales pitch after another, we’ve prepared a helpful guide. Check out these five content ideas for when you’re feeling stuck on Instagram.

1. Share your expertise

Improve your audience's financial literacy by explaining the ins and outs of finance and mortgage-related concepts. Use plain language, and keep it light, fun, and relatable. Be helpful without being preachy.

2. Showcase your values

Motivational quotes serve a bigger purpose than simply bulking up your feed. Use the captions to link back to your value proposition, and showcase your values, sense of humour, personality, vibe.

3. Explain your services

Let people know what it is you do and how you've helped people just like them. This could be answering commons questions, busting myths, or sharing case studies. Focus on benefits. Stay clear of industry jargon, unless you're explaining it.

4. Amplify social proof

Share your testimonials, Brokermatch, Facebook or Google reviews. Carefully consider how to phrase your caption in a customer-centric way. It should be less: 'Look how good I am!' and more: 'I loved working with this customer!'

5. Introduce the team

Provide insight into the culture of your business by introducing your team and showing some of the behind-the-scenes. To maintain your feed's polished aesthetic, keep the casual, ad hoc photos and videos to your Instagram Stories.

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